The Tami Show -

From Paris,Texas to Paris,France.. Old Cowtown to the Barbary Coast.. The Street Corner to the Cabaret.. Altman's Nashville to Bogart's Casablanca.......... THE TAMI SHOW "No artifice, just art; no pretense, just perfect." -Ron Curran (San Francisco Guardian).............

Founded in San Francisco in 1999 by Texas native Tami Means, The Tami Show (inspired by the '60s variety show of the same name), began as a solo act covering her brother Craig Means unique originals and other songs that inspired her.

The French label Hinahhas released and promoted several projects including Grind My Nails and NPR’s All Songs Considered featured Annabelle Lee (off the first self titled album.).

The line-up of present and past musicians includes the stellar work of Tony Watts on harmonica, Luis Moran on trumpet and vocals, Todd Gleason on accompanying guitar and vocals, Matt Stromberg on drums, and Colin Staub on mandolin.

The songs are meticulously arranged, leaving some room for improvised inspiration, and ending up somewhere between a movie score, a bossa nova cabaret, and a rock n' roll hootenanny. The effect is dark, folky, mournful, uplifting, tough and sweet, part Chet Baker, part Kris Kristofferson, part Ennio Morricone, and a lot in between.

So, here’s to the new old times ………………………..

We could own this town, get everybody jumping until the floor caves in, have them clawing at the door-- mirrors, models, limos and cocaine--you know what I'm talking about. We could do it. But really we'd prefer to close down the dance hall amidst old streamers and a few lonely spinning bodies, courting their partners with nervous hands and tight smiles, in the fallen crepe paper shadows in a barn by the beach, on some dying, drizzling Sunday afternoon... -T.S.